A bit of history

Established in November 2000, the Megantic English-speaking Community Development Corporation (MCDC) was the overall result of various initiatives undertaken in previous years to solidify and revitalize a diminishing English-speaking population.  MCDC serves the English-speaking community of  Chaudière-Appalaches and Bois-Francs, with special emphasis on the MRC des Appalaches, MRC de l’Érable and MRC de Lotbinière. Historically, this territory was known as Megantic County.

Since its creation, MCDC has established a strong network of partners in both the English and French communities. With their support, MCDC was able to start offering a variety of activities, set up initiatives and develop programs to serve the English-speaking population. It also reached out to the larger French community to showcase the rich history of the English community and what it can contribute to the overall social and economic well being of the region.

The English-speaking community of today

Although the number of Anglophones living in the 3 MRCs today barely reaches 1,000, at some point in the past (around 1860), they were close to 7,000.  The first settlers to move to Megantic County were mostly of American, Irish, Scottish and British descent.  Over the years, with the decline of the Asbestos mining industry and youth out-migration, the population has decreased significantly.  However, since 1996, it has stabilized to its current number.  Although small in size, the community remains active, vibrant and proud of its cultural heritage.

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