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Respite care

In the hope of providing more support to caregivers and helping them face the challenges of caring for a loved one, MCDC, in 2009, set up a Caregivers’ Committee and developed services to assist community members who are struggling with their enormous responsibilities as caregivers.

We have specially trained volunteers who can provide respite for caregivers who are looking after a relative suffering from Alzheimer’s, cancer or any other serious and debilitating illnesses. This also includes those who care for a relative who is reaching the end of his/her life.  We have an information corner called the « Caregiver’s Nook » at the Community Resource Centre that contains a well of information in English specifically for caregivers.  We also have a monthly Caregivers’ support group called « Care Chat » where caregivers can share freely with other caregivers.

If you are a caregiver and would like to have access to any of these services, please call us today!


Do you need transportation to an important medical or dental appointment? Give us 48-hours notice and we will do our very best to find the right person to drive you there.  However, please note that although we are confident that we will be able to arrange transportation for you, it is not guaranteed as it depends on the availability of volunteers.

This service has a slight free based on the mileage from client's home to appointment.  The clients are required to pay for parking fees if necessary so that the volunteer driving them does not have to assume that expense.  As well, it is understood that the user will pay for the volunteer’s meal if the medical appointment overlaps that time frame.

Important : Community members in need of this service must go through MCDC for transportation arrangements.  MCDC will not reimburse the volunteer’s traveling expenses unless the trip was pre-approved by the Coordinator for Volunteer Services.

Interpreter Services

In case of emergencies or traumas, the MCDC personnel (during normal working hours) or our CSSSRT certified community volunteers can serve as interpreter between you and health professionals until a family member, a friend or a bilingual health professional can take over.

The MCDC personnel or our CSSSRT certified community volunteers will not translate medical information.  Medical information must be given by a health professional to ensure that the information is transmitted accurately.

Tax Forms

We assist low-income earners fill out their federal and provincial tax forms.   If you meet one of the criteria listed below, give MCDC a call and we will put one of our volunteers in touch with you:

  • Living alone with an income of $20,000 or less;
  • A couple with an income of $26,000 or less;
  • One adult and one child with an income of $26,000 or less (each additional dependant $2,000);

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