Yogalates with Adriana

Monday, February 7, 2022 

Yogalates with Adriana


Yogalates class in English led by certified yoga teacher Adriana, Yoga Mixto.

This class is based on the fusion of two disciplines: Yoga and Pilates. 

The session offers gentle and fluid movements that aim to synchronize with the breath. The objective is to strengthen muscles through stretching exercises that seek to improve your posture and tone your figure without harming your joints. Thus, this class will help you gain flexibility and coordination, without exceeding the limits of the body

The class will begin with guidance to calm our thoughts, to concentrate on the present moment, followed by exercises to warm up and increase the intensity to the maximum. After that, we will decrease the intensity little by little, to finish the class with a moment of relaxation.

Material needed:

  • Comfortable clothes (sports pants and t-shirt)
  • Yoga mat or exercise mat

DATE: Monday 7th February, 2022

TIME: 8 - 9pm

WHERE: on Zoom