Community Social Life

Social activities are the glue that bind the community together and enable us to celebrate our cultural heritage. We have activities for all age groups.

MCDC activities in Thetford Mines

Community activities: 

  • MCDC/Mason's Sugar Party
  • Book Club
  • Movie Matinées
  • Community suppers
  • Community/Family days
  • Arts and Crafts

Christmas activities: 

  • Christmas Meet & Greet
  • Christmas Wreath Craft

MCDC Community Library:

MCDC has an English library with over 1000 books.  Click on the links below to see our library catalogue.

SSEN activities in Levis

Community activities:

  • Community Picnic in the Park
  • Afternoon Social Meetup
  • "Walk & Talk" - community walking group
  • Halloween Bash for kids
  • Kids Spring Bash
  • The South Shore Book Club 
  • Winter outdoor adventures
  • The Brunch Bunch
  • Apple picking in Fall

Christmas activities:

  • Holiday Jingle and Mingle get-together
  • Community Christmas Walk
  • Children's Crafty Christmas Party


Social activities coming up this year:

  • Bowling night
  • Games nights
  • Trivia Quiz nights
  • Arts and crafts

SSEN mini Community Library:

Currently we have about 300 books in English.  We are hoping to expand our collection and include a Children's Library too.


Check out our calendar of events and give us a call to know what's going on in the community.  Call MCDC: 418-332-3851 and call SSEN: 581-500-3754. You can also check out our Facebook pages: MCDC and SSEN.

Facebook groups:

Feel free to join the Facebook groups for the English-speaking community in Lévis and the Quebec south shore area.

  Community Facebook group for English-speakers living in Lévis and the south shore area

  Community Facebook group for English-speaking parents and families living in Lévis and the south shore