Yoga by the River

Samedi 6 août 2022

Yoga by the River

Join us at Parc de la Jetée d'Ultramar with your yoga mat for a free family-friendly yoga class by the St-Lawrence River!

It's a lovely quiet park with a beautiful view over the river for a nice chilled session.  Take some time to breathe and stretch and enjoy the view!

All ages and abilities are welcomed!  This session will be child-friendly if you would like to bring your little one(s) with you.

This activity is free of charge.

There is free nearby parking available or you can access the park by the cycle path.  

Please bring a yoga mat with you if you have one. If not, a towel will be fine.


DATE: Saturday August 6, 2022

TIME: 10-11.30am

WHERE: Parc de la Jetée d'Ultramar