Our Story

MCDC is now 20 years old!

Established in November 2000, MCDC (Megantic English-speaking Community Development Corporation) was the result of various initiatives undertaken in previous years to solidify and revitalize a diminishing English-speaking population. Due to a decline in the mining industry and an aging population, the community found itself in palliative care mode.

Prior to the creation of MCDC, various community leaders sought help from Holland Centre (Quebec City) for some direction and assistance. In 1994, what transpired from these discussions was the organisation of drop-in afternoons to benefit senior citizens in the region.

With very positive and encouraging results from this first initiative, members of the English-speaking community began to question the possibility of creating other services. Once again, in 1998, the leaders turned towards Holland Centre for more insight. With new ideas emerging from these discussions, a working group was created to identify the needs of the region's English-speaking population. Furthermore, the working group focused on the following question: Could the community be doing other things?

The answer was obvious. In essence, what needed to be done was to establish a non-profit organization that would develop various initiatives to benefit the community. Finally, in November 2000, MCDC was created and now acts as the driving force to foster and develop new initiatives and services.

In 2019, MCDC recognised a need for services in English in the greater Levis area and created a satellite office, based in St-Romauld, called the South Shore English Network.  

2020 marked MCDC's 20th anniversary.