MCDC (SSEN) can provide you with direct access to English-speaking and bilingual job postings and job seekers. We collaborate with organizations that can assist people from the English-speaking community in their employability efforts.


  • Job Bank

    • Are you looking for bilingual or English-speaking employment?  To help you in your job seeking, we have a job bank with regularly updated ads. 
    • If you are an employer seeking candidates, please reach out to Brian at to put an ad in our Job Bank.  
    • Click here to see the Job Bank.


  • Services in the region

    • Trajectoire Emploi
      • An organisation on the south shore which helps with employability, career orientation/reorientation/transition, school perseverance and youth entrepreneurship.  Their phone number is 418 833 7122.
    • Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi de Frontenac 
      • An organisation in Thetford Mines for people aged 16-35.  Their phone number is 418 335 0802.
    • Impact Travail - Club de recherche d'emploi de Thetford Mines
      • An organisation which assists women returning to the work force and individuals aged 55+.  Their phone number is 418 335 2961.
    • Translab
      • An organisation focussing on retraining individuals to enter the job market.  Their phone number is 418 334 0220.
    • Yes Employment + Entrepreneurship
      • An organisation providing English-language support to help Quebecers find employment and start and grow businesses.  They offer help with employment and Entrepreneurship and assist artists to achieve revenue goals with art.  Their phone number is 514 878 9788.
      • Click here to see the workshops for this month offered by Yes Employment + Entrepreneurship.

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