Useful links - Children and Families

Please come into our offices to get a free children's resource pack.  It includes useful resources as well as fun recipe books, Kittycat reading books and more!


  • Naitre et Grandir (translated to: Born and Growing) offers a reliable English-language source of information validated by health professionals. Their site supports parents in the development of their child.
  • Tools from Marie-Vincent Foundation to help provide sex education and promote egalitarian relationships for young children.
  • Caring for kids offers information for parents from paediatricians from the Canadian Pediatric Society.  Information includes topics such as: Pregnancy and babies, safety and injury prevention, healthy living (food and nutrition, healthy habits, physical activity), behaviour and development, mental health, health conditions and treatments, immunization, preteens and teens.
  • Tooth brushing in children age 6 and under with fluoride toothpaste - Parent's guide.  See here.
  • My child was confronted with a traumatic event - an information tool for parents whose child was confronted with a traumatic event, especially a disaster. It presents specifics on reactions observed in children, information on post-traumatic stress disorder, ways to help your child, and how to recognize when to consult the available resources.  See here.



Inspired by ARC Assistance & Referral Centre.